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Homebuyers reveal what catches their eye when house hunting

Property listing photos remains hugely influential when it comes to attracting homebuyer interest and securing the best price for a house for sale, research by estate agent photography provider Giraffe360 has revealed.

When asked about their recent house hunt, a huge 93% of homebuyers said that the online photos of a property were an important factor when it came to grabbing their attention while scrolling through the property portals.

An identical percentage of buyers thought that these property listing photos were of great importance when it came to forming the all-important positive first impression of a property.

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A high 94% stated they would be more inclined to view a property that was presented online with good photos, an interactive tour, or both.

The survey of over 1,300 recent homebuyers also revealed that estate agents who are not delivering the visual goods are also damaging their own reputation, as well as their chances of selling a home.

Over three-quarters (78%) stated that they would be less inclined to view a property with bad photos, no interactive tour, or both.

What’s more, 40% of buyers said they wasted time viewing unsuitable properties because the photos were poor, or there was no interactive tour, and so they couldn’t tell the property wasn’t for them until they actually viewed it in person.

Also, 62% of homebuyers would offer below asking price for a home they liked, simply because a below par online portrayal had created a bad first impression.

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It is not just home sellers who are suffering due to poor digital presentation as 81% of homebuyers stated that a poorly presented property listing would also negatively impact their opinion of the selling agent, making them appear unprofessional, low budget, and giving the impression that they offer a poor service.

“The current market is incredibly competitive and with stock levels remaining insufficient, buyers are falling over themselves to secure a purchase. But that doesn’t mean the basic foundations are no longer important when it comes to presenting your home on the market,” Mikus Opelts, chief executive at Giraffe360, remarked.

He pointed out that a poorly presented property listing can still deter buyers from viewing the property and those that do may even reduce their offer as a result.

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“The repercussions aren’t just refined to those looking to sell, and, in this day and age, any agent producing smartphone photos to showcase their latest stock are really shooting themselves in the foot,” Opelts stressed.

“Doing so creates an aura of unprofessionalism and poor service and with the advancements in technology available in today’s market, there’s no excuse.”

The survey of 1,313 homebuyers who have bought a home in the last six months was commissioned by ProperPR on behalf of Giraffe360 via consumer research platform, FindOutNow. It was conducted on April 28, 2022.

By Rommel Lontayao

Source: Mortgage Introducer

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Homebuyers Can Still Benefit from The Stamp Duty Holiday

Homebuyers can still make the most of the stamp duty holiday despite the first phase ending in six days but will have to act quickly, a leading property lawyer has warned.

The first phase of the stamp duty holiday extension – where buyers have not had to pay the tax on the first £500,000 of a property’s value – will end on June 30.

However, some homebuyers are rushing to try to complete before the deadline the second phase – where the first £250,000 is tax free – which will carry on until September 30.

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Simon Nosworthy, head of residential conveyancing at London law firm Osbornes Law, said: “There is a perception that the stamp duty holiday will be over on June 30, but that isn’t the case. There are still reasonable savings to be made until the end of September, but buyers will need to act quickly to make sure they complete before the deadline. I would say that if a buyer starts the process in the next 5 weeks or so they should be confident of completing before the September deadline.”

Simon predicts that the market will remain buoyant despite the lower tax-free amount. He added: “I would expect the lower and the higher ends of the market to remain busy in the next few weeks,” he says. “For those at the lower end the saving on £250,000 is still a substantial amount, while for those at the top end the saving of a few thousand pounds is a drop in the ocean. As a result, I would expect large transactions to be unaffected by the end of the stamp duty holiday’s first phase.”

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The main issue for home buyers is that most of the housing stock has already been sold during the last few months.

Simon added: “There is a supply and demand issue as most of the housing stock has been going really quickly. We had one case where the buyer was going for a fairly average 1940s semi-detached but the house went to sealed bids with 12 bidders and each potential buyer had to give reasons why they wanted the property and evidence of their finances. The market has been exceptionally busy, so finding a property to purchase is an issue. However, if you do then it’s not too late to make the most of the stamp duty holiday.”


Source: Property Wire

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