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You may think that you’ve missed your chance to sell a property portfolio for the best price, but surprisingly, the markets are showing otherwise.

According to the Halifax, property prices are defying the current economic downturn by continuing to rise. However, the situation cannot last, and price growth is almost certain to slow soon, with many predicting that property prices will start to fall. So it is vital to act now to get the very best price for your property portfolio.

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Property prices soar in June

The Halifax says that average UK property prices rose 1.8% in June alone, with prices up by 13% in the year to June. This is the steepest monthly rise since 2007, with year on year prices rising at their fastest rate for 18 years. The average property price in England is now close to £300,000, with Wales also experiencing a 14.3% annual growth.

While it is tempting to ride the wave and hold out for even higher prices, experts say that this growth cannot be sustained for much longer and that the time to cash in is right now.

Threats to your portfolio value

There are a number of factors that threaten the value of your property portfolio, making it wise to sell and sell soon, as Halifax managing director, Russell Galley, explains:

“Increased pressure on household budgets, from inflation and higher interest rates, should weigh more heavily on the housing market, given the impact this has on affordability. So while it may come later than previously anticipated, a slowing of house price growth should still be expected in the months ahead.”

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More pressure on landlords

In addition to the imminent loss in value of their portfolio, landlords are also facing increasing regulation including the new White Paper requirements for expensive property upgrades, increased taxation, changes to section 21 preventing no-fault evictions and much more.

The rise in inflation also makes maintenance and repair so much more expensive, while the cost of living crisis means there is a much greater chance of tenants defaulting on their rent as they struggle to make ends meet. You already know that this is not the rental market you have enjoyed for many years, and it is only going to get harder. There’s no avoiding the inevitable conclusion: it is time to move on and take your profits.

Sell your property portfolio now

There is no time to waste. With the economy plunging rapidly, you may only have a matter of weeks left in which to sell your property portfolio at the best possible price. That’s why you need the expert help of the Landlord Sales Agency. We specialise in arranging the sale of all sizes of property portfolio, in one go, whatever the condition, with or without sitting tenants.

We have connections to over 30,000 private buyers, and so are able to sell most portfolios within a week. This means you can cash in at the top of the market, instead of watching the value drop as you wait for a sale via a traditional estate agent. What’s more, we take care of everything on your behalf, from handling enquiries to organising full certification for your properties, from liaising with tenants to undertaking repairs.

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Take your cash before the crash

Any company offering this level of service, while promising 100% of the value of your portfolio will inevitably present you with an eye-watering bill for their costs at some stage. At the Landlord Sales Agency, we are open and transparent, with no hidden costs. We take care of everything on your behalf, and still aim to achieve between 85% and 95% of the value for you.

When you consider that your property value has risen by up to 13% in the past year alone, this is a small price to pay. And if the property market takes a dive, as many experts think it will, you could lose this much in a matter of months anyway, and still have all the costs of selling at a lower price.

Act now or miss out

It could be many years before the housing market recovers to current levels, so you must act now if you want to make the maximum profit from your portfolio. Even delaying by a few months while you consider your position, could cost you thousands of pounds.

Our expert team are standing by right now to help you cash in and take your profits at the top of the market. Contact us today and you could sell your property portfolio in just seven days, locking in your gains and walking away from the pain of higher taxes and strict regulation.

By David Coughlin

Source: Property 118

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