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A Mortgage is the biggest financial commitment most people will ever make, so it is important to choose the right deal. Even if you’ve already got one or more rental properties in your portfolio, getting the right Mortgage is vital to your income and long-term plans.

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At UK Mortgage Broker, we make it easier for you to find a Mortgage and can give you more options to choose from than searching yourself, or working with a Broker without our knowledge and reach. Perhaps more importantly though, we provide the expertise necessary to ensure that you get a Mortgage deal which is perfectly tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.

As a Directly FCA Authorised Mortgage Broker UK, we have access to ALL Lenders and Mortgage Deals available in the market, so you can be certain and rest assured that the Mortgage deal we offer you is genuinely the best available for you.

To find the perfect Buy to Let / Residential / First Time Buyer or Contractor Mortgage you should work only with a directly FCA Authorised & Regulated and genuine independent & whole-of-market Mortgage Broker as this provides you with the maximum protection and peace of mind. As the UK’s Leading Mortgage Broker, mortgage searching has never been easier with UK Mortgage Broker – we do ALL the legwork to save you the time, hassle and money!

Contact us to request a callback, or call us now on 03330 166 600 to find out why we’re the Mortgage Broker UK Homeowners, Landlords and Property Investors call first.

UK Mortgage Broker – THE Mortgage Experts

We’ve assembled an exceptional team of Mortgage Specialists, each with many years of experience helping Buy to Let, as well as Residential and Contractor clients gain better access to the UK mortgage market. Each is fully accredited to the highest industry standards and has access to a huge network of industry contacts. In fact, we can also give you access to all the niche specialty lenders and deals which are not accessible to standard mortgage brokers and members of the public directly.

To ensure that you receive 100% personal service, each client is assigned their own Dedicated Mortgage Advisor as well as a Dedicated Case Manager. Each member of our team Specialises in purely Residential / Buy to Let or Contractor Mortgages and knows exactly what their clients need as well as how to get it.

We are the Mortgage Broker UK buyers come to first because we put our clients at the heart of everything we do. You won’t have to waste time repeating the same information and we’ll get straight to work finding you the best mortgage deals available.

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UK Mortgage Broker – Your source for the BEST deals on UK Buy to Let Mortgages

We specialise in helping Buy to Let Landlords gain access to really competitive Buy to Let Mortgages. We know how important it is to your financial future to get the best terms available, and we can help you access many deals that aren’t available through any other mortgage broker. UK Landlords know they can trust UK Mortgage Broker.

How do I know how much I’ll be allowed to borrow on a Buy to Let Mortgage?

There are quite a few variables here and some lenders will only offer mortgages in a specific band. However, there are a few factors which are always important in a Buy to Let Mortgage.

The most important factor in how much you’ll be able to borrow on a BTL mortgage is the monthly rental the property is getting, or how much it is likely to get if it isn’t currently being rented out. If you do know the expected income, try our Buy to Let Mortgage Calculator.

Buy to Let Lenders will want to know that your BTL mortgage payment will be substantially lower than the rental income, to ensure that you can pay the mortgage without fail, even if the home or apartment goes unlet for a short period from time to time.

First Time Buyer Mortgages

Buying your first home? Excitement bubbles alongside anxieties. The mortgage can be a mystery, but worry not! UK Mortgage Broker will guide you through navigating the exciting (and slightly confusing) world of first-time buyer mortgages.

Mortgage maze: Fixed rates offer peace of mind, while trackers and variables can be cheaper (if rates stay low). But be prepared for potential upswings!

Expert guidance: Don’t go it alone! Our CeMAP qualified Mortgage Advisors are your mortgage map, guiding you through the process and recommending the right path for you. Ask away!

First steps, first home: Buying your first home is an incredible journey. With research, planning, and a safe pair of hands with UK Mortgage Broker guiding you along the way, your dream home awaits!

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Buying your dream Home? UK Mortgage Broker can help.

Our highly trained team of Residential Mortgage Experts know exactly where to find the best terms and the most flexible lenders for you. We specialise in helping our clients afford the homes they really want.

How much does a Residential Mortgage actually cost?

That can vary quite a bit. Naturally, the purchase price of the home will be a key factor, as will the deposit you’ll be putting down – everything else will be a part of the mortgage, after all. The next things to consider is how long you’ll have to pay the loan back (the ‘term’, typically 30 years or less) and the interest rate you’ll be paying.

If you’d like to see how this could work out for you, try our Residential Mortgage Calculator.

One of the most important ways we can help prospective homeowners is by helping them find lenders who offer easier terms, lower interest rates or higher loan-to-value ratios. If you think your dream home might be just beyond your reach, call the Mortgage Broker UK homeowners turn to first!

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Having difficulty finding suitable terms of a Contractor Mortgage? UK Mortgage Broker can help.

We boast some of the most highly trained and experienced Contractor Mortgage Brokers working in the UK today. Not only do they understand the position you are in perfectly, they have developed close working relationships with a wide range of specialty Contractor lenders who can offer terms many other commercial mortgage brokers simply can’t.

Having trouble getting a Contractor Mortgage without 3-5 years of accounts?

Getting started in this industry can be difficult, especially when so many others seem to be in the same boat. Competition is fierce and being able to access contractor mortgages with more favourable terms – even if you don’t meet the strict requirements of high street lenders – can be a huge advantage. In fact, many of the specialty lenders we work with will make a loan based on your annualised contract rate without evidence of 3 years of that income.

One of the most important ways we can help Contractor Mortgage clients is by connecting you with lenders who specialise in working with Contractors. Our expert Contractor Mortgage Advisers can help you explore your situation and needs and even present your application in a way that gives it the best odds of being accepted.

Industry Leading Customer Service

Our company was founded as a result of the very poor Customer Service experienced first-hand by our founders, themselves Property Investors & Developers, whilst using multiple other mortgage brokers for their own property projects. Researching the market thoroughly, they identified a niche existed in the market for a Mortgage Brokerage which truly believes in the importance of providing excellent Customer Service, along with the use of innovative technology to improve full transparency and drive competitive advantage.

Based on this solid foundation and with a crystal clear Mission, our whole team have Customer Service at the very heart of everything they do. Our commitment to providing the “best in industry” service is one of the things which sets UK Mortgage Broker apart from our competitors. In fact, we credit our Customer Service as much with making us the industry leader we are today as we do the wide range of services we offer, plus of course the unmatched industry knowledge of our Mortgage Advisors.

As a result, Mortgage Broker UK consistently receives glowing feedback and reviews from our clients. Our team of friendly and expert Mortgage Advisors have plenty of experience building strong, long term relationships with our clients so that we can provide a service fully tailored to their exact requirements.

If you have a busy work schedule and wish to arrange a call out of normal working hours, then just let us know and we’ll do what we can to accommodate. We’re always available for you the other end of the phone. If you have questions, we have the answers.

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Highly Experienced Mortgage Brokers UK

The mortgage industry is highly regulated and UK Mortgage Broker is directly FCA Authorised and Regulated (number 796413). We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of security and professionalism, giving you the peace of mind and security you’ll only get when working with an industry leading Mortgage Broker UK.

In everything we do, our top priority is finding the absolute best deal possible for our clients. We can achieve that because we work with ALL Mortgage Lenders in the UK and use our superior knowledge of the market to connect our clients to the lenders who offer just what they need.

Try our Free Mortgage Calculator today, and get an estimate of how much you can borrow on your next buy to let or residential mortgage.

24/7 Application Updates via our unique “WiiN” Client Portal

Once you mortgage application has been submitted to the Lender, your Dedicated Case Manager will always proactively keep you informed and updated at each stage of the application process with updates at least every 2 days typically, but if/when necessary, then updates can be hourly in certain circumstances. However, you can also contact us at any time you wish.

Not only are we always available by direct dial telephone or personal email to give you updates on the progress of your application, but you will also benefit from direct access to our secure and unique “WiiN” client portal. WiiN quite simply provides you with a unique level of transparency and not available anywhere else in the market.

One of the biggest issues that all new mortgage applicants face is chasing Solicitors and mortgage Lenders for updates. The WiiN portal can show you exactly which stage your application is on, plus the very latest updates and which actions are pending. As such, you will never need to wait in a Solicitor’s or Lender’s call centre queues again – we do ALL the chasing for you, saving your valuable time, but equally a lot of hassle & stress in the process!

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The latest mortgage and financial industry news

Whether you are looking for a Contractor Mortgage, a Residential Mortgage or a Buy to Let mortgage, the industry is always moving fast. Things can change surprisingly quickly, making your ideal property easier – or more difficult – to buy. The Buy to Let mortgage market in particular bears watching closely, as the country struggles to recover from COVID and other pressures.

Keep on top of everything that might affect the mortgage market – and your access to your next property – at our news page.

Need an answer fast? We can do that.

Some questions can be answered easily, without really getting to know your situation. We’ve collected 16 of the most common ‘simple’ questions we are asked almost every day and answered them in the FAQ page. If you need to know something quickly, check there first.

If you can’t find what you need in the FAQ or if you’re not sure that answer applies to you, then please contact us directly. We’d love to speak with you and we’ll get back to you straight away with the best answer we can manage.

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Our detailed, expert mortgage advice is what really sets us apart from other Mortgage Brokers in the UK. But the only way we can give you the best advice is to talk with you about your ideal mortgage, the kind of properties you’re looking for and your financial situation.

Everything we discuss will be held in the strictest confidence and any records we generate will follow the best data protection practices in the industry. We certainly don’t charge for discussing your requirements, so call, email or fill in our contact form today!

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Getting a mortgage is without doubt a huge decision and a commitment that could be a part of your life for decades. It’s not something to be taken lightly. Even if you have a handful of mortgages already, covering a big portfolio of properties, you should be sure to seek out the best advice every time.

We would be delighted to offer that FREE advice and to answer any queries you might have regarding your First Time Buyer Residential Contractor or Buy to Let Mortgage requirements. To get in touch, just use the form opposite or choose one of the alternative methods of communication.

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