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The Clients:

In this instance, our clients were a Mother and Daughter who wished to make a joint application. The Mother had recently sold her property and was looking to purchase a new property which would become her main residence.  The Daughter lived with her partner quite a distance away from her Mother, therefore the plan was for the Mother to find a new residential closer to the Daughter’s family home.

The Scenario:

A suitable property was found close to where the Daughter resides with her partner.  However, the proceeds of the sale of the house were not sufficient to purchase the property outright.  The property that Mother and Daughter wished to purchase required a mortgage of £90,000 to complete the purchase, but this proved difficult to obtain due to Mother’s age and affordability. 

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The Solution:

A Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor Mortgage was recommended – this allowed the Daughter to continue living with her partner and the Mother to move into the property.  Both Mother & Daughter are responsible for the mortgage payments, and both named on the mortgage.  However, Mother would be the sole proprietor.

The Lender was happy to go to the maximum age of 99 years based on mother’s age.  The lender viewed Daughter’s bank statements which confirmed Daughter did not contribute to the running of her partner’s home and affordability of the mortgage was confirmed by the Lender.

To protect the Daughter’s interest in the property, the Daughter had taken independent legal advice.

The mortgage completed without any issues and delighted to say the Mother is very happy in her new home and close to her Daughter.


Securing finance in later life can be challenging as lenders will normally only lend up to retirement age, therefore making monthly repayment amounts unrealistic and unaffordable. As a whole of market Mortgage Broker, we can explore all avenues to find the best solution for our customers that work with their plans and budget.

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