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The Clients: 

The clients were a married couple who had recently moved back to the UK to reside full time. The first applicant was British born, with the other being a Foreign National on a visa to reside in the UK. They were looking to purchase a residential home for themselves and their family.  

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The Scenario: 

The clients owned a residential property in Canada which they sold before moving to the UK. They were both in full time employment, however as they had been out of the country for a long period of time, they had been working hard to build up a good credit score to support their application.  

The Solution: 

Being a whole-of-market Broker, we had the knowledge to know that some lenders would consider a Foreign National on the application with no restrictions if the first applicant was British.  
The clients were looking at achieving 90% loan to value, which would not be possible with most lenders because of the status of the Foreign National. By using our expertise, we were however able to find a lender who would accept 90% loan to value and secured a formal Mortgage Offer within 2 weeks of submitting the full application. 


It is possible to get lending with no restrictions if you have a joint application with one British national and one Foreign National applying together.  

Key things to consider: 

  • Some lenders will accept foreign nationals with a British national. 
  • Some lenders will consider no loan to value restrictions with this setup. 
  • Some lenders will allow lending in this scenario once you have been in employment for 6 months. 
  • Some lenders will a low credit score due to not having built up credit, if one applicant has a high credit score. 

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