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Barclays Mortgages has introduced a range of new products across its Help to Buy and buy-to-let (BTL) ranges.

The products being introduced include, for its Scotland Help to Buy range, 2.29% 2-year and 2.39% 3-year fixed rates, both with £0 product fees, 80% loan-to-value ration (LTV), with a minimum loan of £25,000 and maximum of £160,000.

In its Help to Buy range, it is offering 1.75% 2-year and 1.89% 5-year fixed rates.

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These have £749 product fees, 75% LTV, minimum loans of £25,000 and maximum loans of £450,000.

Barclays Mortgages’ Green Home Help to Buy range sees the addition of 1.69% 2-year and 1.84% 5-year fixed rates, with £749 product fees, 75% LTV, minimum loans of £25,000 and maximum loans of £450,000.

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In its London Help to Buy range, it has added 1.36% 2-year and 1.63% 5-year fixed rates.

These have £749 product fees, 55% LTVs, minimum loans of £25,000 and maximums of £330,000.

In the BTL remortgage range, Barclays Mortgages has added three new products: 1.86% 2-year fixed, 2.19% 5-year fixed, and 2.55% 2-year fixed.

All three are subject to 75% LTVs, minimums of £35,000 and maximums of £500,000.

Where the first two include a £1,795 product fee, the 2.55% 2-year fixed rate does not have a fee.

In addition, Barclays Mortgages is also introducing new products up to 80% LTV for existing customers, while making its 85% LTV and above products available for rate switch only.

By Jessica Bird

Source: Mortgage Introducer

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